EVE Corporation Management Tips

How do I form a new player corporation?
Any one player can a create a player corporation and there is no limit of players needed to create it. You will need the "corporation management" skill. If you plan to run a multiracial corp you will need the "ethnic relationships" skill. You will need to then have approximately 1.6 million ISK and then go rent and OFFICE from a station you wish your first Corporation Headquarters to be in.

1. You will need approximately 1.6 Million ISK. (This amount may vary depending on the cost of your first office rental fee.)
2. You will need the skill "Corporation Management" which of course is listed in the Corporation management skill tree. Each Level of this skill will allow 10 more corp members to join. You start with level 1 which allows your first 10 members.
3. To have multiple races in your Corporation you will need the "Ethnic relations" skill
4. Make sure to update your skills to the corporation in the corporation menu - Home - Edit Details - Update skills to corporation

How do I change my "standing" towards a player corporation.
This is not to be confused with player to player standings. To change your personal standing to another "player corporation" you can bring up that corps actual information on any corp members biography/show info and then clicking on there CORP LOGO on that players Bio sheet. This will open up that players corporate information sheet. Choose the "Standings" tab - then the Relationship Tab - right mouse click the corps name under your view and you will see the edit standing menu pop up. Player to corp standing cannot be changed from a characters profile. You will notice when look at the relationships tab you will see your personal view to that corp and your corps view.

Here's where players get confused..... there is three standings...

player to player standing - Players BIO
player to corp standing - Corp Info
corp to corp standing - Corp Info

Note: You cannot change your faction standing to a NPC corp. This is only accomplished by your actions to an NPC corp.

How do I leave a corporation?
To leave a corporation you first must remove all corporation roles (if you have any) and then wait 24 hours. Once you have done that you then open your current corp chat and right click your portrait on the RIGHT in the chat LIST window and choose LEAVE CORP

How does a player corporation start a war with another player corporation?
For a corporation to declare war on another corp several steps must take place. The first step if for a "shareholder with director status or the CEO" to initiate a "vote" in the votes tab on the corp menu. This will notify all share holders that a vote is opened and needs to be voted on. Once the vote has PASSED, the war can be sanctioned. Once you sanction the vote to go to war eve-mail will send a message to all corp members as well as the corp members of the corp you are declaring against, informing them war is being declared. You must then wait 24 hours for sanction to complete. The 24 hour waiting period gives corps time to prepare for war and notify all members that it is going to start as well as give the CEO's time to possibly rescind the war in negotiations. Once the 24 hour notification period is over and war is now set to "yes", in the corp war menu, you must still "sanction the war" this is done in the "sanctionable actions tab" At that time its ON. Total shortest time to war is 48 hours with a one day vote.

When a corp declares war the opposing corp does NOT have to accept the war for it to go into affect, To prevent corps from declaring war recklessly and cause to many unapproved wars just to do it, no more then three "unapproved" wars may be declared at a time. If a corp is at war with three unapproved other corps and one of those corps decide's to approve the war then the first corp may then choose to fight another 3rd "unapproved" war thus entering into 4 corp wars.....one approved and three unapproved.

A corp may fight as many approved wars that it chooses to.

What are Corporations Shares for?
Corporations shares are primarily only used at this time to vote within a corporation. If a player is given shares to a corporation, he is now allowed to vote during any corporation voting action such as going to War or CEO leadership and other things. No matter what your corp roles and rank and access are, you cannot vote unless you own or possess corporation shares. Each corporation starts with 1000 shares. To get more shares to give out, shares holders must vote more shares into the corporation to be distributed. As for dividends and such at this time, I do not believe it is active as of this writing.

Corporation Start Up - Best Practices

It is the BIG day. You are going to create your own Corporation in EvE. This is a BIG decision and should NOT be taken lightly as corporations in eve are NOT guilds in other games. They do how ever have some similarities.

STOP: READ THIS INFORMATION COMPLETELY BEFORE YOU ADD ANY MEMBERS TO YOUR CORPORATION FOR SECURITY REASONS - Do not say we did not warn you if you do not read this entire guide and get ripped off, as starting a corporation in eve, is not a simple task when thinking of security within your corporation !!!

To first create a corporation you just open the corporation menu and "Create a New Corp". The instructions are very straight forward and you should be able to easily figure them out step by step.

Here you will choose your corporation name and "ticker". You will also choose your corporation logo. Go over these steps carefully as your corporation name and corporation ticker can never be changed once created. You can how ever change your corporation logo for a small fee of ISK, in game, later on.

When you create a corporation you will have a "Head Quarters". This is not to be confused with "Corporation Offices and Hangars". How ever they do relate to each other.

Once you have created your corporation, you will then need to still rent a office/hangar from a station. Preferably, you should set up in a system where you are working, be that mining ore or missions are what not. Base your first office around current operations in secure safe space. Having your first office in a system where your new potential recruits can easily get to, to apply for membership, is best early on in corporation build out and recruiting.

Now that you have your first corporation created and you are ready to manage your new corp, there are a few things you should understand and do immediately before adding even one member. Even if that member is your best gaming friend. Trust is a HIGH factor issue in eve's corporation management tools. Therefore take these next pieces of info to heart, even if you trust your friends at a high level.

1. First and foremost : Open your wallet and choose the Corporation tab: Then choose the "shares" tab and locate your first 1000 corp shares that are created at when you created the corporation. Right click those actual shares and choose "give shares" and give all the shares to yourself, before giving anyone access to the corporation and letting anyone join it !!! You can always "give shares" to anyone later. The reasoning behind this is without those shares you can be voted out of office and such and more. Move shares immediately, upon corporation creation, so you do not loose your shares in the corporation or controlling interest, all because you left them lying around in the corp wallet.

2. Review all tools within the corporation menu concerning hangars and roles and grantable roles. Roles are what each member can do and has access to do. Grantable Roles are which roles a player can assign to another player, thus grantable roles is to manage who can give what roles out to corp members.

3. Hangar access is one of the most crucial security concerns in corporation management. We cannot stress enough how many times poor hangar access management and trust has caused many corps to loose hundreds of millions and billions of ISK and loot. Before you give anyone roles or access to hangars make sure you know exactly what you are doing and who you trust and how to properly secure the corporation assets from internal theft and shady corp members.

4. Take your time and review the corporation tools and menus. They are extensive and deep. Do not be in any rush to build your corporation, do this slowly and understand the tools and resources you have to build your empire. The better you know the corporation menu and interface the better your whole corporation will operate and run period.

5. You can name "divisions" for your corporation. When you do so, this will also name your hangars based on your divisions names. This way each division has its own hangar it can access and work with at all your corporation offices. In a nut shell division names are also your hangar names when you name the divisions.

6. You can create and rent multiple office/hangar's. You may however only have ONE Head Quarters. Your Corporation Head Quarters is listed on your Corporations "show info" when anyone views it. Your Head Quarters can be moved to any station you have rented a office from. It is best to not have your Head Quarters at a dock/office you frequent, as anyone can easily show info on your corporation and know this station and where you are usually. This could be bad when you start running your corp in eve and a war is declared upon your corporation. Later on in EvE you may desire everyone to know where your head quarters are :):)

All in all running a corporation in EvE is more like a business in real life, then it is like a guild in other games. Treat it as a business even if it is a friendly one. This way everyone will benefit from it's success. You may be the ruthless corporate raider or the great and grand leader of a huge corporation doing honest and good business in the galaxy. Running a corporation is something that should not be taken lightly in EvE. Many start one with great aspirations and intentions and then find that the name "corporation" is in fact the proper choice for the name in eve and how it works.

One last thing, if you are creating a new corp for mining or a non-combat related operation, it is best not to advertise that fact in your bio's and such. Market your corporations recruiting efforts wisely. The reasoning behind this is, that recently, with the growth of eve and subscribers, "new player corp beat down" corporations are gaining ground. If you are intending to start up a manufacturing and mining corp it is best to also have members that can defend your corp, or alliance's in place, to prevent your operations from being harmed are declared war upon. Many weak corporations have fallen, to more powerful corporations early on, that just started war, for no other reason other then they could see the new mining corporation is weak and poorly managed. Regardless of corporation type and operations, you ALWAYS need firepower and pilots to fight for your operations and agenda and keep it safe and defend its operations. Secure space is no longer safe when another corporation declares war on your new mining corporation because you are weak and just mining without firepower support.

Good Luck and may your corporation be a successful one!!!!

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